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Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson
Gyrate NZ 2017 Ltd

I wonder if some of us are born with the flying gene, some folk just don't get it but when it's under your skin it's like an itch that really needs scratching.

My dad had flown with the airforce then was topdressing all over the north island, but it took me three attempts through my adult life to get flying. I clocked up a few training hours in low wing, high wing and then helicopters before moving to Tauranga in late 2014 and I haven't looked back. A fair bit of research into STOL aircraft I stumbled onto the whole Gyro story so hunted down Gyrate, joined up and completed my microlight Gyro training program. Ended up mid 2017 with Elton and I taking over the school from Tony Unwin who had started the gyro training school back around 2006.

During the course of my training I had decided on what sort of flying suited us, so we bought a fully enclosed side by side, and now I get such a buzz from taking family and friends up for a flight over the beautiful Bay of Plenty, can't believe we're actually doing it.

There is something about flying rotary wing ... the low and slow thing suits me brilliantly and the scenery is superb plus I'm really enjoying the Gyro community. Mixing with folk of similar interests is one heck of a way to spend the day.

The opportunity to get quite this involved with the Tauranga aviation community was not expected, but I can see the Gyro movement is gaining legs and it's great to be a part of it. We'll be exploring most of this great country of ours and I will do what I can to encourage others to take the plunge and fulfil one of those lifelong dreams whilst we can.

Come on down and join us.