Gyrate NZ
Dedicated to GyroCopter Flyers

Elton Haakma

Born in 1974 into a dairy farming family, I grew up in the Thames Valley.  My father had gained his fixed wing private pilot licence in the 80s and bought his first gyrocopter in 2003, it was because of him I started flying gyros myself. I started my flying in the late 1990s gaining my commercial pilot licences and instructor ratings in both helicopter and fixed wing, followed by Multi Engine Instrument Flight Rules ratings in both the Piper Seneca and the Sikorsky S76a heli.

Over the years my aviation training led me to work in the helicopter ag. scene, flying scenics in the M*A*S*H Bell 47 around Tauranga, in Air Traffic Control towers around the North Island, flying the S76a rescue helicopter in Northland, flying the Jet Ranger out to White Island and around the Bay of Plenty, and have been flight instructor, ground school manager and base manager for various helicopter and fixed wing flight schools.

I am now the Chief Flying Instructor for Gyrate. I have a total of over 2000 hours in planes, choppers and gyros, with over 900 hours in gyros alone.  I have over 20 aircraft type ratings.

With the progression of the modern gyrocopter, in my opinion gyrocopters are the safest, most fun and affordable form of flying. It offers the bonus of slow flight, good visibility and a relaxed flying environment including impressive short field take-off and landing capabilities.

My goal is to provide quality structured flight training and instil safe operating practices in all gyrocopter pilots.

My students' satisfaction in gaining greater skills and completing their training to become a qualified gyro pilot gives me a very rewarding job and they become long term flying comrades.

The Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ (RAANZ) has appointed me as an Authorised Testing Officer (ATO) which is an extra level of responsibility entitling me to offer advanced training including Instructor Ratings.