Gyrate NZ
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About Us

Gyrate was pioneered in New Zealand in 2006 by English commercial pilot (Cessnas to 747s) Tony Unwin and his wife Sue, as New Zealand's specialist gyro flying school and in his time a good number of Kiwis have been introduced to the fast-growing world of Gyros.

Nowadays the local market reflects what has been happening globally and Gyros are becoming a recognised sector of the NZ aviation scene. We now have access to a much wider range of technically improved models with superb flying characteristics from numerous international manufacturers and this continues to grow, we see a good section of them here in NZ.  You may be surprised at the comfort, visibility and sense of fun you'll get, add the associated safety aspects of gyros generally and we seem to have the ultimate recreation vehicle. Perhaps the most serious fun we can get into?

2017 sees Bruce take over the school, a logical solution to seeing the business continue and grow. Our training is focused in good airmanship, safe practice, some technical aspects of these aircraft and overall having fun whilst completing a personal accomplishment. At some time during this process you can decide whether you join an aircraft syndicate or have the luxury of flying your very own GyroCopter — it's very possible.

Overall, we are here to introduce and train folk into recreational flying, encourage flying activities, develop safe practice, provide advanced training, help Gyro flyers with aircraft selection, offer technical experience, and all in a club atmosphere.

Meeting people who have always wished they could try flying but thought it out of reach is a real pleasure for us. It's a satisfying moment when the "light comes on" and they get to sit at the controls and experience that life changing moment.

Gyrate NZ offer a trial flight in either a fully enclosed or an open two-seater, starting with a briefing into why a gyro is different to fixed wing and helis, the effect of controls, an idea of what will be accomplished in the flight, then a study and check of the aircraft before gearing up for a twenty minute (or an optional 30 minute) "hands-on" flight over the Bay of Plenty.

Full flight training kicks off with a starter package with all you need to become a gyro student. From then on you can pay-as-you-go or buy a block of hours at a reduced rate, attend classes on various aviation topics and ready yourself for those (not too daunting) tests. When all is done you could be flying your own gyrocopter and tick off another thing on your "bucket list".