Gyrate NZ
Dedicated to GyroCopter Flyers


Cost to train

Depending on any past aviation experience, 20 to 30 hours of training is the usual target to become ready to go first solo.

Gyrate currently charges $195 per hour + landing fees and GST.

The prices are similar to training in a fixed wing aircraft, but significantly cheaper than the price of training in a helicopter typically over $600 per hour.

For exams and general aviation topics, ground school tuition is available at $40 per hour + GST.

Where we train

Our base is at the Tauranga airport which is within a controlled airspace.

Occasionally we travel over to Matamata airfield which is quiet and uncontrolled and has a nice 1800m long grass runway.

Waihi Beach airfield is another quiet place we often go for circuit practice and it also has a café, so makes a great place for a fly and a bite to eat.

Thames, Pauanui, Whakatane are other airfields which we include in our cross country exercises.

Who we train

We have had a diverse group of students over the years ranging in ages from being in their 20s, to people in their 60s and 70s.

Some people transfer from the General Aviation sector for a more relaxed style of flight, others are people who always wanted to fly but thought they needed to be PhDs and that it was too hard and too expensive only to realise that it is far from all those things.